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Thank you for the opportunity to earn your business as your provider of web design services. I deeply appreciate the chance to put this proposal in front of you today. Scroll though this page to see some of the design elements available or click the left and right arrows in this box for more information about this proposal.

Proof of Concept

 This design is a mock up from your design elements to show proof of concept, and how I may be able to interpret your design vision into a modern, interactive web site that informs and invites new members into your organization.

Please note, not all elements have been made fully functional. This is just to give you a feel for how it will interact. Most links are not functional.

The layout is for the purposes of presenting this bid and to feature some of the design elements possible. Images are just for visioning purposes and not intended as final design elements. As such, this web page is not a finalized layout and design for your site. Design plans will come with consultation after a bid is approved.  

My Mission

I have one singular objective in every project I work on. I want to be a blessing to you and your organization and the clients who will visit your site. I work to make the process smooth, the communication consistent and effective, and product stellar.
–Jason Hartig

Easy to Maintain

I recommend a site built with WordPress and hosted on a shared web host like DreamHost or SiteGround. I will set up all necessary accounts, install the platform, and configure databases as part of the development. 

WordPress is ubiquitous and has an enormous collection of plugins that provide any function you would want in your website now or in the future. Unlike some other platforms you are not locked in to a set of tools from one single company. 


Register and Pay for Classes or Workshops

I can create a simple event registration module that will allow users to sign up for your classes or workshops and pay through a link to PayPal for an easy sign-up and secure payment.

Dollars For Fully Completed Site


Satisfaction Guarantee

Unique Pages Included in Bid

I am able to execute a registration and log in system that allows new members to register themselves and existing members to login for private information access.

Your site can have single videos or video sliders built into the page. For example, we can build a series of introductory videos into a slider on the home page or on the classes page.

An hour of training on the basics of utilizing the content management system is included in my bid. I am local and available for on-going help and reference.



As this mock up demonstrates, I am able to include very different design elements into a single coherent page. That will get your viewers engaged longer than if they click through multiple pages for information.

Fully Responsive on All Screen Sizes

My design will automatically scale to fit the screen your visitors are using. Since the majority of traffic will come from mobile devices, this site adapts fluidly for for viewing on mobile devices. Elements will adjust to fit the screen. Some images will be cropped differently but all blocks will flow evenly on computer screens, tablets, and mobile phones. 

Special Events:

Featured Events can be placed on the front page

Feb. 20, 2020

Rumba Workshop

Your workshop details go here. 

March 29, 2020

Beginners Waltz

Your event details will go here…

This is a sample of a YouTube video displayed on your site. You may use video from another site like YouTube or upload your videos to your website directly. 

Latest from the Blog

I can have your latest updates on the blog show up automatically on the front page and replace earlier posts so that the latest information is displayed on the front page. Your web editors will only have to login and create a post, and it will show here automatically. 

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